Friday WOD

14.2 is here everyone and it's a... Well all I can say is Kim is excited about it, and what does that mean???
2 Rds. In 3min.
10 OH Squats,
10 Chest 2 Bar Pull-ups,
If 2rds are completed within 3mins, you will add an additional 3min
Along with an additional 2reps per exercise.

Thursday WOD

My favorite for strength day!
Back squat

Wednesday WOD

400m. Run, 20 Burpees, 10 box jumps, 20min. AMRAP

Tuesday WOD

9 Shoulder to Overhead Rx@165/115
12 Pull ups
15 Deadlift

Monday WOD

Skill work:
Coach will review clean technique and then you will do -
3 position cleans 5 x 3

Power cleans

Remember, this video is a super slo-mo demo! In reality, you will be slow off the ground, accelerate past your knees, and explosive through the hips, with lightning fast elbows coming around and pulling you under the bar!

See video

Saturday WOD

For time-
KBS Rx@53/35
Burpee box jump Rx@24/20
Box jump

Thursday WOD

Check it all out:
3/4 @ 5:30pm - mobilize your hip flexors with Kim Fitzgerald
3/11@5:30pm - mobilize your shoulders with Kim Fitzgerald
Stay tuned for pricing on the above workshops, but it is a super deal. In half an hour, Kim will show you how to get into all areas of the muscles.
3/3 @7:00pm - every Monday night salsa at the box, with Mario Alberto. Mario and his girlfriend, competitive dancers, will teach. $7.
Please ask us for details at the box!

1 RM Snatch

Make the best of your increased mobility from yesterday and get it!

Wednesday WOD

Active Rest Day:
Lots of stretching and foam rolling today!!

Tuesday WOD

Part A
Double under
Sit up
Cap 12:00

Part B
Thruster Rx@95/65
Pull up
Cap 12:00

Monday WOD

Front squat
Please remember to let me know if you are coming to the 5:30 am class, at 949-939-3130. Thanks, Kim.

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